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Smart SMD Tester MASTECH MS8910

Kode Produk: MOD092
Harga: Rp.320.000,00
Tanpa Pajak: Rp.320.000,00
    3000 counts LCD display
    Full automatic measurement
    Auto scanning the Resistance/Capacitance/Diode
    Function selection by one “FUNC”  Push Button
    Data Hold function
    Continuity Checking function
    Over Load Indication ( ‘OL’)
    Low Battery Indication
    Power Supply: 3V Lithium Battery CR2032
    Auto Power OFF. If the Tester is idle for more than 10 minutes, the tester will automatically turn off the power .
    Operating temperature & Humidity: 0 ~ 40℃(32 ~104 ℉)  & < 80% RH
    Storage temperature & Humidity:  -10 ~ 50℃  (14 ~ 122 ℉)  & <70 br="">     Safety Class:  IEC61010-1, 50V CAT III
    EMC: According to CE regulation 89/336.
    Dimension (L x W x H) & Weight:  170 x 31 x 17mm,  Approx. 48.6 g


  • Auto Scanning to Test Resistance, Capacitance, Continuity and Diode
  • Auto Power Off
  • Low Battery Indicator

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Downloads & Software :
alt MS8910 SPEC

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